What Valuable Items Should You Insure?

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Your homeowner insurance covers valuable items, too, during unexpected events such as thefts, damage, and loss. However, there are some things you should remember, such as exclusions, inclusions, and insurance riders. First, below is the list of valuable items you can and should insure.

10 Valuable Items You Should Insure

Valuable items have sentimental and financial values. Thus, when someone stole these items, or you lost them, you feel devastated. As much as possible, you want to replace or recover the items.

However, the absence of insurance would mean you have no way of recovering the items you lost. Below is a list of items covered and you might want to include in your MD Valuable Item Insurance.

  1. Expensive Accessories

These include wedding rings, engagement rings, or any jewelry passed down from one generation to another. Aside from jewelry, you might have collections of fashion bags and furs that are expensive.

A fire or flood can easily damage these personal properties. Thus, it’s great to have them as part of the insurance. Remember, the coverage limit is $2,500.

  1. Electronics

Laptops, smartphones, and tablets are the most common items stolen because of their portability. Perpetrators could sell the item with a low to medium level of traceability, especially if the thieves are technology experts.

Aside from theft, floods and fire can damage your electronics and appliances. So, if your house has a smart system, the valuable item insurance policy can cover damaged and stolen properties.

  1. Collections

Stamps, coins, sports cards, antiques, and artwork are examples of collections you might have acquired for the past years. The value of these items can increase to several thousand after years.

Sometimes, the value is higher than the policy limit. So, consider an insurance rider to cover whatever difference between the limit and assessed value of the items.

  1. Equipment

A home gym is common in US households. If you are one of these households, you probably have expensive fitness and sports equipment in your home. Theft or robbery won’t be an issue because of their heavy structure. However, these items aren’t fireproof or damage-proof.

  1. Furniture

This item is part of the homeowner’s policy, but expensive furniture can easily surpass the coverage limit. Thus, it’s important to purchase the right rider to have comprehensive coverage. Having a policy like this will help you in recovering and rebuilding your home quickly.

  1. Instruments

Musical instruments are investments of parents for their child. These items are often of high value, which could reach several thousand on purchase. An unexpected disaster can halt your kid’s music lessons if the instruments get stolen or damaged. With contents insurance, you can easily replace the instrument.

  1. Tools

Getting insurance for your expensive tools may help you. You can easily replace these tools with the proper coverage, especially if you’re using them regularly.

  1. Landscaping

The homeowner’s policy covers trees and shrubs, but expensive landscaping can use up the coverage limit. Get extra coverage to ensure you can rebuild your landscape once a flood destroys it.

  1. Vehicles

Vehicles refer to recreational purposes. These include boats, RV, ATV, and snowmobile, which are expensive. Theft, accidents, and breakdowns are the risks associated with these valuable items.

General liability insurance shoulders legal and medical costs when someone gets injured while you use these vehicles. However, this insurance won’t be much of a help in cases of theft and breakdowns. This is when the valuable item insurance is most beneficial.

  1. Other Home Contents

Other personal properties that you can include are guns, silverware, passports, and even your money. However, there are coverage limits on these items, which are discussed in the next section.

Valuable Item Insurance Rider

The standard homeowner’s policy has limits, and a valuable item insurance rider can let you cover the most valuable items inside your home. Why get this rider?

  • Allows you to add items for the actual value
  • Covers all-risk
  • No-deductible protection
  • Affordable for a more comprehensive coverage

When you get this rider, make sure you update your list of items, including the appraised value. Every three years would be a good benchmark for sending an update regarding your items.


For some people, valuable items are an investment, and losing them is devastating. However, with the proper insurance coverage and rider, you can protect your investment. All you need is to call an expert today and get a free quote.

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