Managing Business Travel Risk Post Pandemic

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The past year has been rough for everyone, especially business owners. The federal government restricted traveling, suspended tourism activities, and ordered most non-essential businesses to shut down temporarily. With the easing of these restrictions, tourism activities pick up, and international business travel is back in business. However, the government still encourages citizens to minimize traveling while the COVID-19 is still making people sick at large.

If you plan to resume your business travels, here are some post-pandemic measures to ensure you and your employees are safe from contracting the dreaded virus.

Assess Travel Risks

You are battling an invisible enemy, as many have already pointed out. So, before you send your employees or travel overseas for business matters, you should assess the risks involved.

Make sure that the destination doesn’t have travel restrictions. Also, check the current situation. For example, how are the health protocols are in the city/country destination? Obtain information about the confirmed cases on the destination and how these places handle these cases.

Although the confirmed cases don’t likely affect your business, it would mean that the place of destination is quite risky. You or your employees would have a higher risk of getting infected if you aren’t careful or the precautionary measures are lax or lacking.

Other factors to consider are health, age, and medical history. If you or your employees have comorbidities or are suffering from serious illness, please consult your physician before making travel plans to see if you’re fit to travel.

Check Government Updates

The government issues travel updates and recommendations regularly. Not only that. Health units from different countries issue report regarding their current situations.

Always have a travel backup plan, especially if your flight is canceled due to travel restrictions. If you can discuss important business matters through online communications, you should do so.

As of this moment, health and safety are the most important things. So, use other alternatives if it is more practical.

Get a Travel Insurance

If you still want to travel overseas or locally, get MD Business Travel Accident Insurance. This insurance covers accidents and dismemberment. It also provides medical benefits in case you and your employees get sick while you are traveling domestically or internationally.

The specific inclusions and exclusions are indicated in the policy, so make sure to read these terms carefully. Explicitly ask or check with your provider if the travel insurance covers COVID-related health risks.

Canceled trips due to unexpected events are also covered in this policy. You can reimburse the costs of nonrefundable tickets due to the cancellation of trips.

Choose Appropriate Travel Methods

The actual travel is the riskiest part of your journey. Thus, choose the best method to reach your destination. If the destination is reachable through land travel and just a few hours drive, you can encourage your employees to travel by car.

Through car travel, you and your employee can avoid getting infected with the virus. When air travel is the only means to reach your destination, follow all health protocols. Furthermore, choose an airline with strict health protocols and disinfection practices.

Follow Health Protocols

As a passenger, follow all health protocols no matter how mundane the procedures are. Bring your supplies such as masks, gloves, and sanitizers. Wear your masks properly and sanitize your hands and your belongings frequently.

Avoid crowded places. If you have to mingle during business matters, make sure you practice proper distancing, which is at least 6 feet from other people.

Orient Your Employees Before Travel

Employees should be mature enough to handle their travel itineraries and the things they need to do. However, it doesn’t hurt if you’re going to orient them about the dos and don’ts of business traveling amidst the pandemic.

Remember to mention to your employees about their travel insurance coverage and the things they need to do in case they get sick and suffered an accident during their travel.


Even with the vaccine being distributed worldwide, the risks of getting an infection of the COVID are still high. Protect your business and your employees with precautionary measures. At the same time, take this protection step higher with travel insurance.

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