Providing peace of mind to employees with Life insurance options.

Group Life Insurance for Employees

For employers inside the U.S., currently available in MD, DC, VA only.

As an independent agency, we aren’t limited to a one-company product line. When you contact Moody, you are assigned to a Risk Manager who spends the time necessary to understand your unique insurance needs. Your Risk Manager then shops among the leading Group Life insurance carriers to assure the proper coverage the best prices.

Group Life

We can provide Life insurance for your Group to include Accidental Death and Dismemberment for a flat amount of coverage or an amount equal to or higher than salary. A Group Life plan is typically written as a Term policy, and allows you as an employer to buy a master policy and then issue certificates of participation in the plan. It provides a large amount of insurance for a set period in a worker’s life and is typically designed to provide benefits for dependents in the event of the insured’s premature death. A Whole Life, or Permanent Life, insurance policy is more expensive, but it lasts longer and builds cash value over the course of its existence—value that the employee can borrow against or use in other ways.

Key Person Life

This product is available for purchase on your key employees. The premature death or disability of one of these key people could create a negative impact for a company. In some cases, the loss of a key person could mean the demise of the company. Key Person insurance is designed to protect your business by giving you the financial resources to regroup and get back on track. The company pays the premiums and receives the insurance payout.

Voluntary Life

In addition to the company-sponsored Life insurance we can provide insurance for your employees, their spouses, and children at the employees’ expense, using payroll deduction.

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