The Most Common Causes of Claims for Cleaning Services

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The Most Common Causes of Claims for Cleaning Services

With such a wide range of roles and responsibilities within the growing cleaning service industry, the tasks undertaken in every job are likely to be unique. With different jobs come different risks that can hurt your business.

The scope of liability in this field is quite vast. Due to so many circumstances that could result in a mistake being made, the reason for claims – and the amount claimed – can drastically vary. Without general liability insurance for cleaning services – along with other key coverages – your business may not be able to afford the financial hit.

Common Claims and Accidents

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls. Train each employee in safety procedures that prevent injuries. Make sure that all staff members follow procedures correctly, such as using signage to inform others that a floor is wet.
  • Property Damage. All staff should be trained on how to clean specific items belonging to an individual or a business’s property. Request that rare, valuable, or fragile items are safely stowed away or relocated by the client before your team begins work. Identify risks and provide staff with the correct equipment to perform their role safely.
  • Lost Keys. Keep a record of keyholders in case of loss or theft.

Health and Safety

Cleaning offices or homes may not be the most dangerous activity, but the people doing the cleaning may be working with cleaning supplies that are somewhat toxic, and when people are moving around a home or office, accidents can happen. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has regulations relating to eye and face protection, hand and foot protection, toxic and hazardous substances, and ventilation. Investigate regulations relating to cleaning services to ensure you are taking the required measures to protect you and your workers.


Regardless of how you choose to advertise, it is important to be extremely accurate about describing special discounts or saying that something is “free.” Offering something for free, but under certain conditions, requires that you state what those conditions are. If you offer something at a discount, it must really be cheaper than your normal price.

Policy Statements and Contracts

Different customers may have different ideas about exactly what services your cleaning business will provide. It is in your own interest to make a clear contract in advance of what you will and won’t do for your clients. Post your policies on your website and provide a printed document containing the policy information to all of your clients before you reach an agreement and begin work.

Indicate such things as:

  • Product purchases  
  • Chemical disposal
  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation requirements
  • Unsupervised children or pets requirements  
  • Electrical equipment rules

Work with each individual client to create a written plan for the specific services to be provided.

Even the most experienced employees with the most robust risk prevention measures in place, there will sometimes be circumstances that are beyond your control. With general liability insurance for cleaning service, you can protect your business from financial disruption.


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