Better Group Health insurance options go a long way in attracting and retaining employees.

Group Health Insurance for Your Employees

For employers inside the U.S., currently available in MD, DC, VA only.

As an independent agency, we aren’t limited to a one-company product line. When you contact Moody, you are assigned to a Risk Manager who spends the time necessary to understand your unique insurance needs. Your Risk Manager then shops among the leading Group Health insurance carriers to assure the proper coverage at the best prices.

Health Insurance Options

To choose the right Health Insurance for your Group, you need to know your options. Depending upon your needs, we can present different plans side-by-side and help you decide which plan works best for you. Many times we can provide a Dual Option program, allowing two different types of coverage under one policy. The types of plans available are:

  • HMO – (Health Maintenance Organization):
    In-Network coverage only.
  • POS – (Point of Service):
    HMO Network coverage along with deductible coverage outside the Network.
  • PPO – (Preferred Provider Option):
    Network coverage without having to choose a “gatekeeper,” along with deductible coverage outside the Network.

Please download our Employee Group Census.