Business Travel Accident

Protect your employees when traveling at home or abroad with Business Travel Accident coverage.

Provide Peace of Mind to Employees During Domestic and Foreign Travel

Accidents are unpredictable, and employers of all sizes are obligated to safeguard employees, including when traveling for business. Business Travel Accident from Moody helps fill potential gaps with other insurance coverage for employees who travel on business.

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Inside Business Travel Accident Insurance

A Business Travel Accident policy provides accidental death and dismemberment benefits for employees who travel on business domestically or internationally. Coverage can also be provided to non-employee groups such as a board of directors, consultants or church or school groups.

Medical expense benefits can be included in the policy as well as an extension to include perils associated with war risk. Benefits are paid in addition to any Workers’ Compensation, Life or Health coverage, which may also apply to a covered accident.

This description of coverage is not an insurance contract. Your policy is the contract that specifies and fully describes your coverage. Conditions and exclusions will apply. Not all coverage described is available in all states.