What Happens When a House Cleaner is Injured on the Job?

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The main insurance and liability issue regarding cleaning services has to do with on-the-job injuries. Though cleaning services don’t have the same level of inherent danger as, say, manufacturers or long-haul truck drivers, there is a not-insignificant chance of injury. Like all workers, injured cleaners can tap into workers’ compensation benefits to cover the medical bills associated with illnesses and injuries they sustain on the job. So when a cleaner becomes hurt on the job, it is crucial that you are financially protected and can provide them with the care and the experience that they need to quickly recover and return to work without a significant delay.

Who’s the Responsible Party?

Who is legally responsible for the cost of injury? The answer could depend on a few factors such as location, how many hours per month an employee works, and how cleaners are hired. However, typically as a business, it is your responsibility to carry house cleaning insurance to protect yourself and any employees. Clients will certainly be asking for proof of insurance before they commit to your services. 

Workers’ Compensation  Claims

House cleaning insurance was created to work in favor of the employers, employees, and the clients to incentivize safer workplaces, prevent employees from suing their bosses if they got hurt, and to be prepared for any related expenses.

With workers’ compensation included in your house cleaning insurance, any employee who becomes injured on the job has a reliable source of funds to pay for their medical bills and lost wages related to the injury but gives up the right to sue over workplace injuries. Avoid the potentially hefty expense of lawsuits with house cleaning insurance. 

Are You Protected?

Workers’ compensation is probably the most important coverage to secure for those in the cleaning service industry with employees. Most clients are aware that if the person coming in to clean is not covered by worker’s comp, then any injury that occurs on their property could fall on their shoulders, and would not allow those without the policy in place to provide service. 

No matter how the injury occurs, you will likely be held responsible for an ambulance ride, ER visit, and hospital time. So while it’s nice to know that a liability policy will cover you if a cleaner damages an appliance, make sure worker’s comp is included in your house cleaning insurance so you are protected if an injury takes place. 

Each business and each case of injury are unique so speak with an insurance agent to find out if there are any specific requirements for your business’s house cleaning insurance policy that you may need to abide by. The size of your business, along with other factors will influence your coverage needs. Set your business up for success with proper house cleaning insurance. 

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