5 Steps to Protect Your Home While on Holiday

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Going on holidays puts your home at risk because burglars can break into your home. However, you can take some action to protect your home while you’re on holiday. Here is a list of steps.

Secure Your House and Valuables with Locks

This step may seem too obvious. But, do you know that 32% of burglar incidents happen with unlocked doors? Despite the constant reminder, many residents still forget to secure their home with locks. Another vulnerable point of entry is through the windows.

So, create a checklist of doors and windows to lock before getting out of your house and driving away. Double-check once or twice and do this task an hour before your departure. Sometimes, rushing can make you forget many things, especially if you’re too excited about your holiday.

Also, place all valuable items and documents in a safe. Even if the burglars manage to break in, they would have difficulty taking your valuable assets. Remember, some thieves don’t rob physical items. They also want to steal your identity, which is the most damaging.

Create an Illusion of Activity

Seasoned burglars are observant individuals. Ironically, some have the patience that they would observe your home and your activities for an extended period before they strike.

Create an illusion of activities by doing these things:

  1. You can avail of a temporary mail forwarding service, so your mail doesn’t pile up.
  2. Leave your car in the driveway. Ask someone you know to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.
  3. Activate a smart home system where you can command your house to switch lights on in the evening. If you have an automatic lighting system, that would be another option.
  4. Last, hire someone to maintain your lawn if you’re going away for a month or so. Prevent overgrowth of lawn grasses. A poorly maintained lawn is a sign of inactivity.

Keep Your Holiday Plans Private

You’re excited about your holiday because you’ve been planning this for weeks, maybe even months. However, don’t broadcast your holiday on social media. Keep it private.

If potential thieves are lurking in the neighborhood, they probably are investigating who is out of town. With sophisticated technologies and apps, people can search for your name on social media platforms.

Even if you keep your posts to a “friend-only” list, you couldn’t possibly keep track of someone else’s social network, considering your busy life. Thus, the best way is to keep your whereabouts private.

Refrain from posting about your grand vacay. Request your kids and other family members to avoid posting while you’re not home. You can do all the posting once you’re home.

Configure Your Home Security System

Make sure your home security system is working before you leave. Configure everything, from the camera to the recording device. Also ensure that your online access is working.

Test that all detectors are in top condition so that you, the security provider, the neighborhood, or the police get notified when burglars try to get into your house. Inform the company that is maintaining your system that you’re going on holiday.

Lastly, update your information in your insurance policy. Ensure your MD Home Insurance isn’t expired. This way, the next time you’re away, your home and other valuable assets are covered with insurance.

Adjust Your HVAC and Water System

This step is necessary to prevent any further damage in case your HVAC or water system malfunctions. You can install a programmable thermostat so that you can access it remotely. You’d be saving on energy costs and at the same time keep your house at a comfortable temperature when you get back.

In case these systems went awry you are away, you can minimize the cost of repair with insurance. You can reimburse repair costs as long as they are covered in your policy.

Planning a holiday is great, but when you’re away, protect your home. Prevent unpleasant surprises with these steps. Most importantly, get home insurance.

You can enjoy your vacation and sleep peacefully at night with insurance. In addition, heed the above mentioned advice to help protect your home while you’re away.

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