Why Business Travel Accident Insurance is Important for Your Executives

Many companies minimize the potential liability they face regarding employees that travel by purchasing Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance. Travel has become a constant necessity in our new global economy. The core component of BTA insurance is accidental death and dismemberment coverage, however, some other medical benefits may also be included. Certain policies may even be amended to cover on-premises incidences. Premiums are paid by the employer, but benefits are paid directly to employees or their beneficiaries. This executive protection insurance is needed to properly protect your business if you have executives that travel. 

Domestic and International Coverage

The global marketplace puts incredible demands and uncertain risks on today’s business travelers. Businesses, corporations, and international organizations routinely send employees out for a wide variety of business-related reasons all around the world. 

It makes it difficult that the political climate in certain regions of the world can be unpredictable and presents real threats and concerns for business travelers and their employers or group organizers. 

Secure executive protection insurance before a member of your group is injured, threatened, or finds oneself in a crisis situation. Business Travel Accident Insurance is an inexpensive but valuable protection, which supplements any employee benefit program.  This plan provides protection for employees who travel on business domestically or internationally, foreign employees of U.S.-based businesses and U.S. employees on offshore assignments. This world-class coverage will greatly minimize the risk and potential loss of a key employee(s) and to compensate families of employees for their loss of income due to accidental death or permanent disability of a loved one. Coverage can be customized to fit the needs of most businesses and employees. Be sure to ask yourself if you are equipped with adequate executive protection insurance.

What is commonly protected and found with this coverage includes: 

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Accident Medical
  • Out-of-Country Medical
  • 24-Hour Travel Assistance
  • Employee/Non-Employee Groups
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Business & Pleasure Coverage Available
  • Security Evacuation

Possible Optional Enhancements

This coverage also comes with optional enhancements that can be added for further protection. These are:

  • Kidnap, Ransom
  • War or Acts of War
  • Domestic Accident Medical Coverage
  • Out of Country Medical
  • Political Evacuation
  • Natural Disaster Evacuation
  • Trip Cancellation, Delay, and Interruption   

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