What to Know About “Sliding on Ice” Car Insurance Claims

Sliding on ice is often a scary and frustrating situation. Many drivers feel they are driving cautiously for the road conditions but still cannot maintain control of their vehicles. Sliding on ice can cause a lot of damage such as bodily injury, damage to your car, damage to another’s car, and property damage. 

After a sliding on ice accident, ​many people are left wondering if their auto insurance coverage would be sufficient. If you slid on ice and hit another car or any object, it is considered an at-fault claim. Whether the police officer let you go without a ticket, someone is at fault, and it’s not going to be the ice. Driving too fast for conditions is usually the given reason. Be sure to connect with Moody Insurance Worldwide or your Car Insurance provider before it’s too late. 


If another “party” in another vehicle or a pedestrian is injured from your vehicle sliding on ice, your bodily injury liability coverage will cover the loss up to your policy’s listed limits. Limits are listed per person/per accident.

Medical Payments or PIP coverage would apply to injuries that you sustained and to other passengers. Coverage levels will vary greatly depending on where you live and the coverage you selected. Some PIP policies may cover lost income and rehabilitation costs. 

Vehicle Damage 

You will need to have had collision coverage in place to cover the damage sustained by your vehicle after hitting the ice. His coverage is needed whether you hit a guardrail, another vehicle, a mailbox, or any other inanimate object. Plan on paying your deductible before any dollar amount is paid out.

Property damage liability pays out in most states whether the damage is to someone else’s vehicle or a mailbox, or a stop sign. Just about every state requires some property damage liability coverage but the minimum likely to be inadequate. Speak To your worldwide car insurance provider to make sure you are covered.

Sliding on the ice often results in needing a tow. Depending on how your particular car insurance policy is designed, it might provide coverage for a tow or the cost of pulling you out of the ditch. Contact your car insurance agent to verify your coverage. 

How To Stay Safe 

Know where and when ice will be present on the roads. At early morning and late at night, the sun can’t melt ice on the roads. Keep a lookout if you are driving through a shaded area during the day as well. 

If you end up sliding, resist the urge to do anything drastic. The less you jerk the wheel or pump the brakes, the greater your chances of surviving the slide without hurting yourself or another. 

Most drivers feel sliding on ice is sometimes unavoidable as it can easily happen. Your best defense is staying off the road. If you do have to get out there, leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you and drive at a speed you know gives you control over your vehicle

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