Top 5 Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips

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Are you thinking of buying a motorcycle? There is no reason to contest that. There are numerous advantages to getting one. There’s the convenience of moving through traffic, less cost and frequency of repairs, less gas consumption, cheaper permits and taxes, and lower parking rates. Moreover, there is no doubt riding a motorcycle is exhilarating! The thrill the ride gives each time can be addictive. On the other hand, two unlikeable things about motorcycles are less sitting room and higher travel risk. Unlike cars, motorcycles do not have windows and doors, so no airbags and bumpers to cushion riders from impact in case of accidents. The safety of the rider will depend solely on him. If this is what’s causing you to think about buying one, here are a couple of motorcycle safety tips you might find useful.

1. Gear up

The most obvious necessity and requirement when riding a motorcycle is a helmet. Buy one that passed the safety standards of the Department of Transportation and the American National Standards Institute.

Aside from the helmet, other safety gears that a rider must wear are:

  • Shin, elbow, and knee guards protect the rider’s elbow, knee, and shin in a collision.
  • Pick gloves that cover your entire hand. It is essential to guarantee a firm handlebar grip, and it also provides an additional layer of protection to your hands.
  • Choose durable and sturdy boots. Keep the laces tucked inside to avoid entanglement, which may cause accidents.
  • Jackets give additional protection to your body. You can add reflectorized straps for night travel.

2. Check your ride

Regularly check the condition of your motorcycle. Examine the tire, lights, mirrors, brakes, and horns. Never hit the road if one of these parts is not fully functioning. Your motorcycle is your partner to safety when on the road. Do not ignore even a minor malfunction as these can lead to accidents.

3. Ride defensively

Be keen when looking out for road hazards like pedestrian crossings, holes, trash, gravel, oil spills, animals, debris from a construction site, undisciplined drivers, etc. Always leave ample space in front, behind, and beside you. Widened safety distance will give you enough time to react when unexpected things happen.

Observe the SEE model when on the road. Search, Evaluate, Execute (SEE) is a mental strategy developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to help riders ride safe. This strategy teachers riders to:

  • Use proper lane positioning to be visible to other drivers
  • Use light and hand to signal lane changes
  • Avoid frequent changing of lanes
  • Observe the speed limit

4. Be visible

Most motorcycle-related accidents happen because of failing to consider other vehicles hidden from their blind spot. It is crucial to be visible all the time. Here are some tips on how to stay visible when on the road:

  • Avoid the back corners of another vehicle, know the blind spots of other drivers
  • Use reflectorized outfit or helmet decals
  • Make sure headlight is fully functioning
  • Use change lane signals or brake lights when slowing down or stopping
  • Honk horn whenever necessary

5. Stay alert

The rider should be focusing 100% of his attention on the road. Avoid distractions such as texting or doing social media challenges using mobile phones. Keep both eyes on the road. It’s easy to spot vehicles changing lanes, crossing pedestrians, or sudden brakes if you are observant and mindful of your surroundings.

More importantly, never drink and drive. There is a higher possibility of getting involved in an accident when there’s alcohol involved.

Achieve peace of mind

We can only prepare for things that we can control. Sadly, there are only a few things we can manage to prevent accidents while on the road. Accidents happen when we least expect it to. Aside from the impact on health and life in general, the financial liability accidents can bring can put your life on hold. On top of the damages, you would have to think about the repairs and medical expenses too. These are things you won’t want to think about, especially when people’s lives can be hanging on the line.

Taking precautionary measures is a wise move. Opting to get a motorcycle coverage is not only practical but a smart choice. Don’t wait a long time before considering getting insurance you can depend on. Peace of mind is not something anyone could regret having later on. 

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