A Guide to Winter Motorhome Storage

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One of the biggest struggles of owning an RV is looking for where to store it, especially during the winter. Otherwise, your RV can be damaged if it is not stored correctly. Owners also need adequate protection like MD Motorhome insurance to cover them and their families while on the road. Therefore, we curated a guide for you to prevent your RV from future blemishes. Here are three various types of winter motorhome storage to consider.

1.   Rent a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit for your RV is one of the most effective options to ensure your RV’s safety from the cold climate, snow, and blustery winds. A storage unit protects your RV from the harsh winter by putting a roof over your trailer.

However, this option can be pricey. But if you’re not sticking to a tight budget and if you live near a storage facility, it’s highly recommended that you consider renting a storage unit. Don’t forget to choose a storage facility with the proper size unit, and you’re good to go!

Sparefoot is an excellent online self-storage finder if you are looking for nearby storage facilities with adequate space for your RV. This website offers a stress-free platform, making it easier for you to locate the most convenient facilities. They also include available units if you’re looking for a storage unit that accommodates your RV’s specific size.

Just enter your zip code, and Sparefoot will display all the nearest facilities from your area. This excellent feature is all thanks to their advanced search tool. Just encode the size of your RV for you to find the most suitable storage unit for you.

Sparefoot includes units from 25′-50,’ and their services prevent you from paying for wasted space.

2.   Apply a Cover

You can also consider buying a cover for your RV during the winter. Investing in a cover keeps your RV from future damages from winter weather, such as ice building up or snow accumulation on your unit’s exterior. This tool also keeps meltwater from creeping into the seams between your RV’s components and panels.

ADCO and Camco are some of the best manufacturers that provide a great selection and quality build for your RV. However, there are also a few guidelines to follow once you finally purchase a cover.

  • The RV’s interior and exterior should be clean and dry before applying the cover.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help or assistance from a family member or friend when using the cover.
  • Double-check if the cover is adequately secured when it is completely sheltering all sides. This tip helps avoid it from coming off.
  • Be cautious of sharp corners that might tear through the cover’s material.
  • Allow proper airflow to your RV’s roof by leaving your roof vents a bit cracked open. Flatten your RV’s roof antennas.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind: even though your RV is fully covered, it does not guarantee full protection and safety from the harsh winter. So, it’s best to look after your RV by monitoring the amount of snow that’s building up on your trailer’s roof. If your RV has accumulated too much snow, chances are, your vehicle’s roof will have a dent. So, make sure to use a plastic shovel from time to time to prevent your RV’s roof from becoming damaged.

3.   Maintain by Hand

Finding a storage unit and cover can be costly, especially if you’re really on a tight budget. If that’s the case, you can always do it the old school way! However, this requires more work. You will need to invest more time and energy in monitoring your RV. On the bright side, you’ll save more money, and the only tools you need are plastic shovels and a group of people to help you.

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