Safeguard your Property outside the U.S.

International Insurance for Your Property

Your chance of experiencing a loss to property is significantly greater outside of the U.S. Typical domestic property coverage ends when the property leaves the U.S. Further, many foreign insurance policies have significant gaps in coverage and restrictive exclusions.

Moody Insurance can provide you with a broad policy that brings the insurance protection for your property abroad up to the highest standards available in the U.S.

Coverage While Traveling

  • Unrestricted coverageregardless of location (even when in transit), including lost, stolen, or damaged laptop computers, exhibition displays, and sales samples.
  • Goods in Transitto your overseas customers, including shipments by air, ground and sea.
  • Business Income with Extra Expenseprovides coverage after a property loss for lost income arising from lost sales, expenses to continue conducting business, and payroll for employees so that you do not lose them. Coverage is available for income you lose resulting from damage to locations of others.
  • Neighbors & Tenants Liabilitycovers you for the cost of the property losses of others if you or your premises are the cause of the loss.
  • Unusual Property Exposurescovers the costs of clean room construction, sophisticated raw materials or finished stock, and the property of customers or others.

This description of coverage is not an insurance contract. Your policy is the contract that specifies and fully describes your coverage. Conditions and exclusions will apply. Not all coverage described is available in all states.