Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation Repatriation Travel Assistance

Get coverage that follows your employees traveling overseas.

International Insurance for Employee Injuries, Illnesses & Accidents

The most important asset of any company is its employees. The risk of injury to your employees is much higher when they travel outside their home country. In addition to the typical medical and lost wages coverage common to domestic Workers’ Compensation coverage, your employees who travel overseas also need coverage for medical treatment and transportation home, or to medical facilities overseas that provide the quality medical care expected by Americans.

While domestic Workers’ Compensation policies provide temporary coverage for short overseas trips, this coverage will not provide adequate protection, and can increase the cost of your domestic Workers’ Compensation insurance program.

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What You Need to Know

  • The definition of “temporary” coverage under domestic worker’s compensation policies is not defined and that every state handles it differently?
  • True 24-hour coverage is not available through the domestic worker’s compensation “temporary” coverage?
  • “Temporary” coverage does not provide for endemic diseases and war coverage?
  • No repatriation is provided under “temporary” domestic worker’s compensation coverage?
  • No travel services or medical care coordination is available under “temporary” worker’s compensation coverage?
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Adequate Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation Provides:

  • 24-hour, broad coverage for employees traveling outside the U.S. or their home country.
  • Repatriation coverage to transport sick or injured employees to areas where they can get reliable care, and to transport family members to be with injured employees.
  • Defense Base Act (DBA) coverage, which may be required by law or your government contract.
  • Benefits levels that can be set by you.
  • Significant savings on your domestic Workers’ compensation program by separating international losses from domestic losses.

This description of coverage is not an insurance contract. Your policy is the contract that specifies and fully describes your coverage. Conditions and exclusions will apply. Not all coverage described is available in all states.