Moody|Veracity Specialty Programs

Your business is all about quality and expertise
Moody’s insurance programs meet the same high standards.

Moody Insurance Worldwide has teamed with Veracity to offer tailored insurance programs for our specialty clients.  With these programs, you can count on Moody’s partnership with A-rated insurers, and our super-fast turnaround times to purchase coverage.

Specialty Programs Portfolio

“Show” Liability Insurance Program

To meet the insurance requirements of vendors at show venues, such as Trade Shows, Festivals, Arts& Crafts, Farmers Markets, and more.

Artists and Crafters Product Liability Insurance Program

Broader insurance coverage beyond our Show policy, for Painting, Jewelry, Apparel, Pottery, Sculptors, and many other Crafters.

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance Program

Insurance for Message Therapists, Cosmetologists, Nail Technicians, Healing Touch, and more.

Food Liability Insurance Program

Insurance for Food Vendors, Caterers, Bakers, Concessions, Food Manufacturers, Distributors, and more.

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